Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Wolf-monkey!

The Werewolf-monkey

A Werewolf-monkey is a TERRIFYING creature. This particular creature lurks in the night with the full moon out. If you come across this creature, RUN LIKE THE WIND! Just run. Don’t make too much noise, keep reading to find out why. This mammal is the most dangerous of rare animals because It can transform into a cute monkey. (Nek Minute) The cute little monkey is your worst nightmare! (Scary Music)
We are going right into the lives of: The werewolf monkey.
The werewolf monkey, with David Attenborough.
The werewolf monkey feeds on rotten bananas, unlike its normal monkey brother.
If a werewolf monkey eats a very ripe banana, it has a 50-50 % chance of being returned to normal.

On a full moon, this creature will grow more fur, claws, and will become much MUCH stronger. So BEWARE!
There are only a few left in the world. This is good because this is the most dangerous creature in the world!
The Werewolf-monkey has altered senses. He can smell from 20,00km away. He can hear you snore at night. (If you do snore)
He can see like he’s using binoculars! His fur can feel the change in the wind. He can feel you breath. So basically, he can hunt you down like a fish and a cat swimming together.

                  oh no, that poor fishy!


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  1. Great work Zeb! I am going to keep away from the jungle then.
    Keep up the great work Zeb.


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