Friday, 18 May 2012

The incredible journey

Hello I’m Milky the milk bottle and I think I am at the factory. I’m on a moving thing. Ok I am picked up by a giant and he is unscrewing my head off! Aaaa! Help! Somebottle save meeee! Wait he’s pouring something into me and he’s screwing my head back on. Thank you big fat giant.

What are you doing now? Where are you going with me? I don’t want to go in there. No, noooooo!

10 minutes later. I see the light. The big door has opened

4 minutes later. lots of screaming! I need to get out of here!

2 hours later. Cold, so so cold. Every bottle has left.

8 minutes later. Pick me, pick me. Thank you for picking me.

20 minutes later. No, no, don’t unscrew my head off! Aaaaaa! Help!
I’m bleeding, blood is pouring out of me. It stopped yay!

The next day. No no don’t throw me out please, please no ow a wheely bin. Going for a ride in a wheely bin dunna dunna I’m getting squashed in a wheely bin.

1 hour later. I just heard something but the question is what was it? The rubbish truck! Aaaaaa! get me out of here!

10 hours later. I’m at the dump duna duna duna na I said I’m at the dump.
2 years later. What was that wall I don’t want to know. A tsunami! Bury me, bury me qwik please help! Aaaaaa! I am very dizzy.
6 minutes later. I’m selling in a storm I see a shark fin wait a shark fin! Aaaaaaa! Help oh forget it this is hopeless nobottle is going to save me. Aa! ho! that hurt shark but you don’t care. It’s dark in here. Get me out of here! 2 years later.
Wowwowwow I’m very dizzy I think the shark is going to spit me out wahoo!
5 seconds later. He did and I’m all crunched up and a big carint is pulling me to that big island of rubbish nooooo! I guess that’s end of my incredible journey. Bye.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Friday, 11 May 2012


Voice Recorder >>

Autumn   1/5/2012           

Falling leaves.

Piles of leaves everywhere.

Kids playing in the piles of leaves.

Wind blowing the piles over.

Leaves falling from the tall trees.

The sun making the leaves crisp.              

WALT: observe and include specific details in our writing

Includes four nouns (from observation)
Made the nouns do something
Started each new description on a new line
Extended each line so it makes more sense
(may include a who, where, why, what, when).

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