Friday, 30 August 2013

Basic Facts Results

This is my maths chart.
Here are my scores.
Day   Score   %
1        Sick    0%
2        Sick    0%
3        Sick    0%
4        15       60%
5        19       76%
6        17       68%
7        Sick    0%
8        Sick    0%
9        11       44%
10      20       80%
My lowest score was 11% because it got really hard.
My average score was 32.8%
The graph shows my scores and how many I got right.

My range: 80% (Highest percent - lowest percent)
My median: 17 (Middle score)

How my results compare to Marcus's results.
Marcus's results were better then mine because I was sick for 5 days.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Letter To Ken Catran

Parkvale School
                                                                                              Howard Street
                                                                                             Hasting 4122
                New Zealand

Dear Ken Catran,

My name is Zeb. My class has just finished reading your book Dead Harry. I loved Dead Harry so much that on book character day I dressed up as Sam on the front of the book. Is it Sam or Harry on the book? I really think it’s Sam. Dead Harry is by far one of my favourite book along with Kensuke’s Kingdom, Wonder, Guys Read and well Star Wars books; I am a BIG Star Wars fan. I either want to be a writer, a soccer player or a film maker. If I was a writer I would write children books aged 2 to 8. I would write animal diaries, like dog diary (that’s on my blog), or a chapter book writer just like you. If I was a soccer player I would be an All White. If I was a filmmaker I want to be just like George Lucas.

My favorite character in Dead Harry was Harry because he was the source of humour, and the cool stuff he can do. Sam and Harry are like me and my best friend. He is a good writer too. Elias Milton is cool as well. I think it’s cool that he doesn't get stuck as an earth bound spirit. Same with Harry. At the end, can Harry come back and see Sam? That really bugs me. I thought Mr Dombroski was going to be behind all that crimes and murders. But no. It was a shock really. How did you come up with such a twist? It’s brilliant.

My favourite part in the book was the most intense part. This was in the chapter where Sam, Anna and Harry are in the locked cupboard. I knew Sam and Anna was going to be ok, but I didn’t know how. But that’s the point. Sometimes Mr M (that’s my teacher) has to keep on reading because the class won’t let him stop. My other favourite Part was Anna with the POOPA SUPA! The class was cracking up about that.

Thanks for your time reading this I hope you enjoy.

Yours sincerely,
Zeb Worthington (Parkvale School)

DEAD HARRY from Room16 Parkvale on Vimeo.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

My Wooden Sniper

This is my wooden sniper. I had so much fun making this. It's pretty big. I tried to make it blue camo. Please comment below.

Fruit Shop Profit

This is my maths shop profit.I had to round it.

Please comment :[)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

WALA Sentences (Dragon)

WALA Sentences

Simple Sentence: The newborn dragon snuggles up with my finger.

Compound Sentence: The baby dragon curves his tail and looks at me with a comforting look.

Complex Sentence: The confused dragon stares into my eyes, thinking I was it’s mother.

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