Monday, 4 November 2013

Air Weighs

Air Weighs!

Ruler, newspaper, table and a someone who can karate chop.

  1. Put the ruler on the table (balance it) and karate chop it. What will happen?
  2. Get the ruler and do the same but with a screwed up piece of paper on the it like a canon pult.
  3. Karate chop it. What will happen?
  4. Take another piece of paper and make it flat.
  5. Take the ruler and put it under the flat paper.
  6. Karate chop it. What will happen?

My hypothesise (guess) is that the ruler will rip the paper.


The paper did rip but only sometimes. The ruler SNAPPED!
Yeah Crighton!

Fast as lightning!

It HAS to be flat as a tasty pancake.

He's using the force, Go Mr M!

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