Friday, 24 May 2013

How to survive in the bush

  How to survive in the bush

Read the instructions to find out how to survive in the bush safely.

  1. Plan your trip.
  2. Tell someone.
  3. Be aware of the weather.
  4. Know your limits.
  5. Bring sufficient supplies.

My 2 more rules:
Ask yourself if you have everything you need.
Think about your team.

What you need

Clothing: Rain jacket ( Have to be waterproof with hood), hat, gloves, (fitting)boots, Spare laces (strong), Socks (plus more).

Thermals: shirt, long pants, footwear, jacket (jersey), shorts, proper sunhat, spare underwear.

Food: lightweight food, water bottle, snacks, energy food.

Equipment: tent (waterproof), frying pan (optional), stove, something to clean your stove.

Most importantly you NEED a first aid kit.
Planning your trip
  • You need to find the place you want to go to.
  • let the owner know if and when you going there.
Tell someone
  • Contact friends or family that you're going.
  • Tell as many people as you can what your car number plate is.
  • Tell them when you should be back just in case of an emergency.

Be aware of the weather
  • Check the weather forecast.
  • If the weather is not good for your location, bad luck go another time.

Know your limits
  • Notify the owner of where you are going.
  • If you don’t have permission to be on someone’s land, just avoid it.

Bring sufficient supplies
  • Don’t bring food that don’t last or stuff that will slow you down or take up space.
  • Take stuff that you are sure you need, or communication that will last the trip.

Now ask yourself, have you got everything you NEED?


  1. Awesome Zeb.
    I really like how you have added everything you need.
    I can see the amount of effort you're putting in.
    Keep it up :)

  2. WOW Zeb great work.
    I can tell that you have put a lot of work into it.

  3. Great work Zeb you really have learned a lot about survial in the bush.

  4. Great job Zeb - it really shows the reader how to be safe in the bush.


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