Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Cat Art

This is my Cat Art. I really enjoyed making my Art. It was based on the cat face art by Paul Klee.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

I forgot my title

HOLLOW! and welcome.
Have you ever wanted to forget something? You know when you have a big fight with your wife
and you just want to forget about it.

(I forgot)
1. I’m really sorry I forgot the steps
except for the last step.

The last step! Drink the potion.

Hi, don’t worry about him he just drank the potion.
Oh and don’t make this because the side effects are
diarrhoea and Mr Bean stroking you.
A bad memory
Whatever else you want.
(The steps are big)
Step 1.
Get your bad memory and get
enchanted diamond sword and
sing the song I swing my diamond sword. It goes like this:
Do you like my sword, sword?
Sword, my diamond sword, sword

You can not afford, 'ford
Ford, my diamond sword, sword
Even if you could, could
I have a patent!

No one else can make a sword
Exactly in this manner, manner
Welcome to my manor, manor
I ca ca ca canna canna

Swing, swing, swing my sword, sword
Whenever I get bored, bored
I can swing my sword, sword
I can swing my sword, sword!

Once I hit the floor boards
But I had it restored
And it was expensive
But it was a write off!

Swinging is my business
And by that I mean swinging swords
you can not not ignore
Do you like my sword?


That was retorical
You know I am the oracle
I know you like my sword
It's made of freakin' diamonds

If you don't you're lying
But that would be fine
Because it is awesome
And you're probably jealous!

I can swing my sword, sword
Cuz I am the lord, lord

Lord of diamond swooooorrrrrddddssssah! 

Song by Toby. Link hereh
Step 2.
Get a glass bottle and fill it up.

Last step!
Drink the potion.

Friday, 28 September 2012

What room 20 likes

Katherine: Gymnastics, drawing, dolphins, zebras, penguins and koalas.
Kharn: Zombies, Chocolate and Pokemon.
Sam: I love Minecraft so much, I also like star wars and playing soccer!
Stefan: Xbox Minecraft, Strawberries, Boysenberry jam on toast and reading about Guy gibson.
Hannah: Chocolate, Reece Mastin, Gymnastics, Dancing, Singing and writing.
Parris: Volleyball, Dodgeball, Swimming, Netball, T - ball, Rippa Rugby, Chocolate, Pizza and Strawberries.
Jake: Minecraft, computers.
Amy: Skateboard.
Casey: I love Lizards,Frogs,Chickens,Salami,Cheese,Crackers,Ice Cream, Chocolate, Cows, Music, Friends, Family, Peacocks and much much more..
Felicity: Peacocks, COWZ, hanging with my friends and family, soccer, Animals, shopping, soccer, dancing, gymnastics, swimming, ice cream, chocolate, Roise  and much, much more!
Natasha:Netball, soccer, volleyball, COWZ, cats and dogs, animals, Chocolate, friends and family, BELLA (my cat) and much more!
Jacob,I like soccer having run dogs rugby FOOD!
Tyler/Monkey man: I love Minecraft and watching T.V.
Samilaw: Football Minecraft reading tv monopoly computers.
Brody: Football ps soccer Guitar.
Rhys chocolate, rugby, digi class
Eden:soccer singing digi class chocolate hanging with ma mate dancing being annoying and bashing my brother and playing with ma puppie STEVE xbox 360 ps 2 KFC Macazzie family
Bianca/Bank:dancing, singing,  T.V, Digi class, animals.
Alex/Lexi I love horses! so much Yeah.
Charlotte/Lotty I like Animals mostly Dogs and Cats.
Teva/T-Dog I love to play dodge ball and shooting games as well as Mineworldcraft.
Courtney-I love animals and playing outside.
Reuben-like pizza & macaroni & cheese & don’t forget I like drawing my favourite thing  to do is play my ps3 and psp and that is a true fact.
Katrina- Love playing hockey, playing minecraft and having fun!
Lachlan- I like art, KFC, minecraft, pizza.
Joshua- I like rippa rugby, fishing,cricket and Mc Donalds.
Seth: Scootering.
Daniel: rugby,pizza,McDonalds,fishing. 

Zeb/creator I like Star Wars.
I chose this to blog because everyone is different and you can click on the link to everyone's blog. 

Monday, 24 September 2012

Tree of PRIDE (Tree of life)

Tree of PRIDE

This is my version of the Tree of Life by Klimt.
This version is called The Tree of PRIDE.
I had to use gold or silver (I chose goooold!) and blue and white.
I didn’t have to use just blue I could use yellow, red, green and blue. 
I blended blue and white to make different shades of blue.

This is my QR code. By Zeb.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Parkvale Live

This is my poster for Parkvale Live. It was fun making this poster. Here is the link for the web site that I made my poster on.

Friday, 31 August 2012

Production Diary week 1

Dear diary
Hi my name is Zeb and my role in the production
is Mr bean. I have to be as funny as a clown. I am
so EXCITED. IT’S too much for me to bear.  
Day 1
We have to make up ideas about the script we don’t have.I am so EXCITED! it’s too much for me to bear.

Day 2
Finley the script is finished and the ideas are growing biger and biger!

Day 3

Practices Practices Practices, but it’s worth it I don’t want to stuff up you know.

Day 4
I've got my costume at school today.


Day 5

First time on stage! It was nerve racking at first, but I got there.

Next week
I got my prop, it’s a Keyboard. The musical Keyboard.

This is my Production Diary week 1. I really enjoyed writing this diary.

Friday, 3 August 2012


1.The Mexicans introduced chocolate to the world.
2.Mexico has 31 states and Mexico City is the  capital. Image from Google Images
3.Mexicans speak Spanish.
4.The mexican flag has 3 vertical stripes on it. (Green, red and white)
The green stands for hope,
the white stands for purity and the red stands  for the blood of the Mexican people. Image from  Google Images

5. The money of Mexico is called peso.

6. The country experiences frequent volcanoes because it is in the Ring of Fire. Image from Google Images
7. Mexico makes the most salt in the world.
8. The oldest living tree in the world is 40 feet tall and is in Mexico.
9.Mexico is home to a very rare rabbit called the volcano rabbit which lives near Mexican volcanoes. Image from Google Images

10. The largest wildcat in North America is the jaguar, which can be found in Mexico's southern jungles. Image from Google Images
11.Mexican children do not get presents on Christmas Day. They get their presents on January the 6th, the day on which Mexicans celebrate the arrival of the Three Wise Men.
12.Mexico City is built over the ruins of a great Aztec city. Because it is built on a lake, Mexico is sinking at a rate of 6 to 8 inches a year.
13. The Chihuahua is the world’s smallest dog and
is named for a Mexican state. Image from Google Images
14. Mexico city has the highest elevation and is the oldest city in North America. It is also one of the largest cities in the world.
15. Soccer is the Mexicans favorite sport.
I really loved doing this. Now that I know what the Mexicans have invented I am very grateful.     

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My imagination theme music

My imagination

My imagination  
I am a Jedi master, Master Zebhdiyah in my head. And I’m going to tell you what's going on in my head. A long long time ago in a head far far away, there was a young Jedi knight, Zebhdiyah who was very impatient. He really wanted to become a great Jedi master and fast.

So he built a BIG training robot and his name was Scrappy, his name’s Scrappy because he made out of scrap metal. But the best thing about Scrappy is he RECYCLES! Isn't that great?

Unfortunately he learnt that scrap metal doesn't go so well with it, his lightsaber cuts right through it. So that's what happened and he ended up as a Jedi master anyway, Master Zebhdiyah.

Note from Zeb.
Hi Tyler in Room 1, I hope you like the story I have written.
I have made a story bird for you Please read it, bye Tyler.

The Lorax

Mandy's garden

Sunday, 24 June 2012

My group's maths game

This is the game we all made up.

By Alexandra Bianca Eden Zeb

This is our maths game. In our group we have been working
on our 5 multiplication facts so then we would know them
without thinking about it and also we need practice And with
the gaming and work it will help us with our working out and
working as a group and as companionship. I think we're
an awesome group we all work very well together and it's easy with
the help of Mr Moriarty and every so often Mrs Sullivan and sometimes
we go to room 2 and there is usually all the senior teachers and Miss Hill
I personally think that as a group were just moving up kinda like nothing can stop us.
Zeb This is my groups 5x maths game. We use it to practice our x and having fun at the same time.
It is important to have our game so we can learn our 5x because 2x,5x and 10x all go together.
So we need to learn them all.   
Rules  by Alex
So there's 4 players in the game or more. There’s question in the boxes and at near the bottom there’s bonus tracks so that you can work out where there's next. You can go forward and answer the question move up more and if you answer it again and you had your turn you can do that if you're fast enough.

Food scraps

Dear Mr. G    1/06/12
My classroom has split into groups and have made questions to initiate change. My group's question is how can we use food scraps to raise money for the the school?
So we are going to turn the food scraps into a compost garden but we can’t do it just by ourselves. Or we could get new bins for food scraps to make life easier for Mr W
oon. Either sell or use compost to sell or use. My team can make a new garden for the food scraps.

From Zeb in room 20


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Term 2 Reflection

Reading 13/6/12

My favourite in Reading has been tsunami Q and A.  

Something I have learnt is how tsunamis start.

My next step is to figure out the meanings for the words I wrote down.


This is my favourite writing Dog diary here is the link
I am proud of Dog diary.

I have learnt to type very fast.

My next step is get faster then my mum.

I like my blog because I can post really great stuff on it and thats what I do.
This is my favourite post is Dog diary because it was fun to white I even did it at home.  

I like commenting on blogs because it makes other people happy.

This is my favourite comment is at you will find it there.


This is my favourite maths the symbaloo games at

I am proud of the scores I have got.

I have learnt lots of new strategies.

Something I find challenging is learning my fractions because I was away lots of days.

My next step is try harder.

This is my favourite art is my PRIDE box.

Something I have liked in our topic learning is we are helping the environment..
P.E. / Fitness
What I like about this is it really FUN!
I like playing these games:

  1. Blob
  2. ABC bull rush

I learn and develop the skills of runing faster by playing these games.
Fitness helps me forget about the bad things.

Something I was pleased with from my interview was I got a lego star wars DVD that's very very funny afterwards.

Friday, 18 May 2012

The incredible journey

Hello I’m Milky the milk bottle and I think I am at the factory. I’m on a moving thing. Ok I am picked up by a giant and he is unscrewing my head off! Aaaa! Help! Somebottle save meeee! Wait he’s pouring something into me and he’s screwing my head back on. Thank you big fat giant.

What are you doing now? Where are you going with me? I don’t want to go in there. No, noooooo!

10 minutes later. I see the light. The big door has opened

4 minutes later. lots of screaming! I need to get out of here!

2 hours later. Cold, so so cold. Every bottle has left.

8 minutes later. Pick me, pick me. Thank you for picking me.

20 minutes later. No, no, don’t unscrew my head off! Aaaaaa! Help!
I’m bleeding, blood is pouring out of me. It stopped yay!

The next day. No no don’t throw me out please, please no ow a wheely bin. Going for a ride in a wheely bin dunna dunna I’m getting squashed in a wheely bin.

1 hour later. I just heard something but the question is what was it? The rubbish truck! Aaaaaa! get me out of here!

10 hours later. I’m at the dump duna duna duna na I said I’m at the dump.
2 years later. What was that wall I don’t want to know. A tsunami! Bury me, bury me qwik please help! Aaaaaa! I am very dizzy.
6 minutes later. I’m selling in a storm I see a shark fin wait a shark fin! Aaaaaaa! Help oh forget it this is hopeless nobottle is going to save me. Aa! ho! that hurt shark but you don’t care. It’s dark in here. Get me out of here! 2 years later.
Wowwowwow I’m very dizzy I think the shark is going to spit me out wahoo!
5 seconds later. He did and I’m all crunched up and a big carint is pulling me to that big island of rubbish nooooo! I guess that’s end of my incredible journey. Bye.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Friday, 11 May 2012


Voice Recorder >>

Autumn   1/5/2012           

Falling leaves.

Piles of leaves everywhere.

Kids playing in the piles of leaves.

Wind blowing the piles over.

Leaves falling from the tall trees.

The sun making the leaves crisp.              

WALT: observe and include specific details in our writing

Includes four nouns (from observation)
Made the nouns do something
Started each new description on a new line
Extended each line so it makes more sense
(may include a who, where, why, what, when).

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