Tuesday, 3 December 2013

My Collage of the year 2013

This is my collage. I chose the Pokemon because I worked really hard on them. I added some camp photos because I had SO much fun on camp. The Eevee with my face on it is my avatar. I was creating the Pokemon for fun at home, when Mr M said I can make them into my avatar. They were all made on Paint.


  1. Great work Zeb!
    I like the Pokemon painting,
    it must have been so hard creating them.
    Keep up the awesome work and posts! :)

  2. Awesome Collage Zeb.
    I like the your Eevee drawing.
    They are really cool.

  3. Wow Zeb it looks like you had a fun time this year. I like how you put Dead Harry on your collage. Keep up the good work Zeb:)

  4. Amazing collage Zeb. I like how you added camp photos and you put photos of your avatars and Pokemon drawings. Your avatar looks funny (not weird funny). I started laughing when I saw your avatar it looks funny and cool. Great work Zeb.

  5. Awesome work Zeb, I like the pokemons and the camp pictures.
    Keep up the good work. :-)

  6. Wow awesome job Zeb. It looks amazing.
    Well done Zeb.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Great work Zeb!
    I like how you put in this years camp photo in.
    Keep up the awesome work! :)


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