Thursday, 26 April 2012

Dog diary

Dog diary By Zeb Worthington Saturday.    
Ha ow, hi my name is Buster. Time to wake up the master time to wake up master go go go go go ow ow ow ow out of the way cat ha raaww he says scaredy cat. Get up get up come on I’m hungry get up. Foooood foooood.  Saturday   Hi I think I just put on 3 pounds from all that food. Isn't that great I’m getting closer and closer to the mother of all bombs in the pool. Time to go to sleep. Saturday      Ha hi oh god I need to go toilet. Do dodo do do do do. Oh now I went on the cat! ah ah ah ah ah. Well it’s not my fault the cat is the same colour as the garden. Oh well I might as well go to sleep.

12.00 Saturday    Lunch time lunch time mmmmmm lunch I love it.    Wow I eat for that long I’m going to the pool. Geronimooooo! KABOOOOOM! “Buster!” coming master. Hi I’m back that was a whole lot of experience. I don’t know about you but I’m going to sleep bye.

Midnight      Hungry I’m hungry. Master!
Cat I forgot about the cat operation get the cat is on the go.

Get the cat, get the cat!  

I’m going to try bombing on the cat bye for now. Well I tried it and  well, it didn't work and I got a sore nose now. So I will try pushing the cat in the pool and then I will do the mother of all bomb on him. Ha that will get him. I’m going to try it, bye. I’m back and I didn't know that the cat was a ninja cat. Wait a sec I just heard something. aaaaaaaaaaah help!...

This is my dog diary that I wrote and it is a very long story so good luck reading it. I like it so much.


  1. Greta post Zeb

    Do you like your cat or dog better?

    Great comedy


    1. I like a dog better and thanks for commenting.

  2. Great diary Zeb
    It sounds like you have a nice dog.
    What breed is he?

    1. I don't have a dog. I got the idea from my friends dog.

  3. Very cool Zeb. This is some funny stuff. I love it.

  4. I like it Zeb keep the good posts up.SAM <:

  5. You really write well in the character of the dog, Zeb. Awesome humour!


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