Friday, 28 September 2012

What room 20 likes

Katherine: Gymnastics, drawing, dolphins, zebras, penguins and koalas.
Kharn: Zombies, Chocolate and Pokemon.
Sam: I love Minecraft so much, I also like star wars and playing soccer!
Stefan: Xbox Minecraft, Strawberries, Boysenberry jam on toast and reading about Guy gibson.
Hannah: Chocolate, Reece Mastin, Gymnastics, Dancing, Singing and writing.
Parris: Volleyball, Dodgeball, Swimming, Netball, T - ball, Rippa Rugby, Chocolate, Pizza and Strawberries.
Jake: Minecraft, computers.
Amy: Skateboard.
Casey: I love Lizards,Frogs,Chickens,Salami,Cheese,Crackers,Ice Cream, Chocolate, Cows, Music, Friends, Family, Peacocks and much much more..
Felicity: Peacocks, COWZ, hanging with my friends and family, soccer, Animals, shopping, soccer, dancing, gymnastics, swimming, ice cream, chocolate, Roise  and much, much more!
Natasha:Netball, soccer, volleyball, COWZ, cats and dogs, animals, Chocolate, friends and family, BELLA (my cat) and much more!
Jacob,I like soccer having run dogs rugby FOOD!
Tyler/Monkey man: I love Minecraft and watching T.V.
Samilaw: Football Minecraft reading tv monopoly computers.
Brody: Football ps soccer Guitar.
Rhys chocolate, rugby, digi class
Eden:soccer singing digi class chocolate hanging with ma mate dancing being annoying and bashing my brother and playing with ma puppie STEVE xbox 360 ps 2 KFC Macazzie family
Bianca/Bank:dancing, singing,  T.V, Digi class, animals.
Alex/Lexi I love horses! so much Yeah.
Charlotte/Lotty I like Animals mostly Dogs and Cats.
Teva/T-Dog I love to play dodge ball and shooting games as well as Mineworldcraft.
Courtney-I love animals and playing outside.
Reuben-like pizza & macaroni & cheese & don’t forget I like drawing my favourite thing  to do is play my ps3 and psp and that is a true fact.
Katrina- Love playing hockey, playing minecraft and having fun!
Lachlan- I like art, KFC, minecraft, pizza.
Joshua- I like rippa rugby, fishing,cricket and Mc Donalds.
Seth: Scootering.
Daniel: rugby,pizza,McDonalds,fishing. 

Zeb/creator I like Star Wars.
I chose this to blog because everyone is different and you can click on the link to everyone's blog. 

Monday, 24 September 2012

Tree of PRIDE (Tree of life)

Tree of PRIDE

This is my version of the Tree of Life by Klimt.
This version is called The Tree of PRIDE.
I had to use gold or silver (I chose goooold!) and blue and white.
I didn’t have to use just blue I could use yellow, red, green and blue. 
I blended blue and white to make different shades of blue.

This is my QR code. By Zeb.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Parkvale Live

This is my poster for Parkvale Live. It was fun making this poster. Here is the link for the web site that I made my poster on.
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