Thursday, 26 April 2012

Dog diary day 2

Dog diary Day 2   By Zeb Worthington
Ahhh! help! help! I’m running run run run let's go hap 234 hap 234. Well I am back and I am not a stinky cat I hate cats one day I will get that cat.Ahhhhhh! 

Ha I hate that dog yes I said it I know you are reading this because you wanted to read a dog's diary but from now on you will read cat’s diary. No no don’t close the tab! That was close I thought you were going to close the tab no no don’t!

Ok I am back and I am a dog not a cat. OK and I got that cat by pooping on the cat ah ah ah ah ah! That was so funny. And I farted on him. I am so tired from all that running. I’m going to sleep and no more diary for a long long time.


  1. That is amazing Zeb.
    That dog diary is the funny one.
    Was it hard to get that story as good as that?

    1. It wasn't that hard it just came to my mind.

  2. Awesome Zeb!
    Your Dog Diary is great!
    I like how you changed your font for the different animals!
    Do you have a dog or cat at home?


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