Friday, 12 July 2013

It Rained For 90 Days (Part 1)

It rained for 90 days!

90 days in and not long before houses and schools are evacuated. I just can’t get my head over that stupid scientist Stefano Brookstone who has for sure doomed the world, with his silly idea. In case you didn’t know what his silly idea was, I will tell you. Well it all started when the prime minister accepted the CWAZY scientist. And he believed in something called rain hibernation. Stefano said he can take control of rain hibernation and use it to save the world water.

In his lab Stefano estimated the amount of water that was going to fall once rain hibernation has finished. He estimated about 784 liters! Stefano Brookstone intended to take that water and use it to make pure water for the world. It would save us billions. Then he constructed a machine. It was a machine that sucked up water and released water. Stefano tried to suck up the water in the clouds and BAM! It was rain. And thats how Stefano Brookstone has doomed the world. Yes just like that.

It’s quite sad really that the world is just going to end like that. You would think the world is going to end in like a planet crashing into earth or a zombie apocalypse. Maybe the moon falling to earth or or an alien attack. But now, just rain. Rain will end the world. Yep. Rain -_- Well on the bright side, everyone has a pool in their backyard. Ha ha ha lol. No. Ok... Awkward... I’ve ran out of things to say. TO THE FLOODED BAT CAVE! 

No really it’s flooded.

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