Tuesday, 14 May 2013

3D Shape Display

This is my Octagonal Pyramid. I had lots of fun making them.

Room 17 gave us a good formula.
That formula is: 9 faces + 9 corners - 2 = 16 edges.

My learning buddy is Olivia.
She made a Triangular prism.

Faces: 5
Edges: 9
Vertical/corner: 6
My Buddy's formula is: 5 faces + 6 corners - 2 = 9 edges.

Octagonal Pyramid.
Faces: 9
Vertices: 9
(Including Apex)
Edges: 16


  1. Great job Zeb and I like how you said that the shape name is called octagonal pyramid that's a cool shape. Great job.

  2. Great shape Zeb, it is good that you did a close up of your vertices, edges and faces and your buddy's one is great to.
    Well done. :-)


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