Friday, 28 September 2012

What room 20 likes

Katherine: Gymnastics, drawing, dolphins, zebras, penguins and koalas.
Kharn: Zombies, Chocolate and Pokemon.
Sam: I love Minecraft so much, I also like star wars and playing soccer!
Stefan: Xbox Minecraft, Strawberries, Boysenberry jam on toast and reading about Guy gibson.
Hannah: Chocolate, Reece Mastin, Gymnastics, Dancing, Singing and writing.
Parris: Volleyball, Dodgeball, Swimming, Netball, T - ball, Rippa Rugby, Chocolate, Pizza and Strawberries.
Jake: Minecraft, computers.
Amy: Skateboard.
Casey: I love Lizards,Frogs,Chickens,Salami,Cheese,Crackers,Ice Cream, Chocolate, Cows, Music, Friends, Family, Peacocks and much much more..
Felicity: Peacocks, COWZ, hanging with my friends and family, soccer, Animals, shopping, soccer, dancing, gymnastics, swimming, ice cream, chocolate, Roise  and much, much more!
Natasha:Netball, soccer, volleyball, COWZ, cats and dogs, animals, Chocolate, friends and family, BELLA (my cat) and much more!
Jacob,I like soccer having run dogs rugby FOOD!
Tyler/Monkey man: I love Minecraft and watching T.V.
Samilaw: Football Minecraft reading tv monopoly computers.
Brody: Football ps soccer Guitar.
Rhys chocolate, rugby, digi class
Eden:soccer singing digi class chocolate hanging with ma mate dancing being annoying and bashing my brother and playing with ma puppie STEVE xbox 360 ps 2 KFC Macazzie family
Bianca/Bank:dancing, singing,  T.V, Digi class, animals.
Alex/Lexi I love horses! so much Yeah.
Charlotte/Lotty I like Animals mostly Dogs and Cats.
Teva/T-Dog I love to play dodge ball and shooting games as well as Mineworldcraft.
Courtney-I love animals and playing outside.
Reuben-like pizza & macaroni & cheese & don’t forget I like drawing my favourite thing  to do is play my ps3 and psp and that is a true fact.
Katrina- Love playing hockey, playing minecraft and having fun!
Lachlan- I like art, KFC, minecraft, pizza.
Joshua- I like rippa rugby, fishing,cricket and Mc Donalds.
Seth: Scootering.
Daniel: rugby,pizza,McDonalds,fishing. 

Zeb/creator I like Star Wars.
I chose this to blog because everyone is different and you can click on the link to everyone's blog. 

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  1. I like how you appreciate that everyone is different, Zeb.


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