Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Reflection For Yachting Day 2

Reflection for Optimist Yachting Day 2
Something I was pleased with was I got to kayak in a single kayak, because last time I had to go in a double kayak.
I really enjoyed learning that when you are about to capsize losen the sail and you won’t tip, because the wind is on your side. If the wind is on your side, and you tighten the sail it WILL tip.

Something I found hard was pushing my boom back onto the mast, because it came off.
Something that made me think was am I going have a turn at yachting because when my class arived at Pandora Pond the yachts were sailing away.

Something I want to get better at is finding the fast spots in the wind when I’m going yachting.
(What can I do about it?)
I can keep sticking my finger up in the wind.

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